Monday 1 June 2015


I was thinking the other day about how much I love reading outfit posts. Not high fashion styled-completely-out-of-my-league outfit posts, but normal people wearing pretty clothes that don't look TOO scary to try and style (I particularly love Wardrobe ConversationsA Rosie Outlook and Miss West End Girl for this kind of post!).

So I'm going to try and up my meagre efforts at my own outfit posts, and start sharing what I'm wearing a little more regularly.

h&m flower crown floral skirt lifestyle blogger
Top - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Floral crowns (I only wore one, promise!) - Crown & Glory
Necklace - H&M
Last week I was treated to a blogger morning at Spa in the City (more about that here!), and as it was held in one of Edinburgh's parks, it felt like a good excuse to wear a flowery outfit.

I didn't intentionally pick an all-H&M outfit, but I am really loving their stuff at the moment! There's an H&M about five minutes from my office, which it means I pass it every lunchtime, and it's just too good to resist. This top is from their basics range (so was only £6!) and it is great - the cropped sleeves are perfect for sunny but breezy days.

h&m flower crown floral skirt lifestyle blogger
Floral headband - Crown & Glory
Shoes - New Look
I'm quite curvy, so I'm a fan of outfit silhouettes like this, that nip in at the waist and kick out to a skater skirt shape. I also seem to be OBSESSED with turquoise, I don't mean to, but practically everything I've bought recently has been in the same shade (I'm also wearing turquoise nail polish with this outfit). At least it makes colour coordinating easy! 

h&m flower crown floral skirt lifestyle blogger

Now I just need to learn how to get my photo taken in public without nervously freezing in an awkward grin... will I ever be cool? (Thanks to Amy from Scotcampus for taking my photos!).


  1. Lovely outfit pal! Especially the skirt, great colour xxx

  2. Very cute! Also a big fan of the whole fit-and-flare shebang.


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