Friday 19 June 2015


It's time for a happy thoughts update! Here are the things that are making me smile...

1. Summer meadow flowers

blossoming gifts bouquet

I was sent this absolutely beautiful bunch from the very kind people at Blossoming Gifts online flowers, and I love it! It's their summer meadow bouquet which contains blue veronica, lilac eustoma, avalanche roses and daisy-like tanacetum single vegmo... I'm not great with flower names, but I know these ones were just gorgeous.

I feel like I'm always banging on about how much I love fresh flowers, but it's so true - they just make such a difference to your home, and as vices go, I reckon a flower addiction ain't too bad. I particularly like the look of the under £20 cheap flowers range - how cute is this cinder rose bouquet?

If you fancy getting yourself a flower delivery, then you can also get 33% off at Blossoming Gifts, with the discount code BGIFT33.

2. I ran my first 10k!

I DID IT! I can't quite believe that I did it, but I completed my Race for Life and it didn't kill me. In fact, I actually even had quite a nice time - what has happened to me?!

I ran for the first time just over three months ago, and it was exhausting trying to keep going for just one minute. Since then I've tried to run three times a week (although realistically, at points it was only once a week), and somehow, bit by bit, I've turned into a runner who can do a 10k race in 67 minutes - slow by most runner standards, but an achievement I'm so chuffed with.

When I crossed the starting line and was immediately confronted by a massive hill, I was filled with FEAR (because running up hills is the worst), and it took me a while to settle into my pace. But when I did, it suddenly felt quite easy, and running the last two k was really fun - my parents and Joshua had come out to support me, everyone was cheering, and I got loads of high fives.

Now I'm looking for another 10k to sign up for later in the year, as I really want to keep up running, but I know I need a race to give me the fear to actually go out and do it!

3. I'm going on holiday

Photo: Fairytale photos of Croatia
I'm so excited! This weekend I fly off to adventure on Croatia, and I can't wait. We're staying on the island of Hvar in an apartment with steps down to the sea (amazing!), then going to Split for a couple of days, to explore Diocletian's Palace, and channel my inner Daenerys Targaryen at Game of Thrones locations.

I've never been to Croatia before, and I am in desperate need of a sunny adventure, so bring it on!

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  1. Well done on your first 10k! Also, Croatia is absolutely beautiful. You will have such a fantastic time! I went to Zagreb and Split a few years ago. Split was my fave. They had a Topshop too there which I found quite odd! Haha xx


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