Wednesday 10 June 2015


I was seven when the first Jurassic Park film came out, and I remember it being the most exciting thing in the world. I was on holiday in Orlando with my family, so we got to watch it in America a month before it was released in the UK, and I was TERRIFIED of the raptors, but I absolutely loved it. Since then I've been to the theme park, read all of the books, visited the valley where it was filmed in Hawaii (and hid behind this log!), and studied archaeology for two years at uni. I'm a bit of a dinosaur fan.

Now, twenty-two years after the first film came out (whaaat), I am still that excitable kid. I've already prebooked my tickets for Jurassic World, and my hopes are high!

Turns out I'm also not the only one with a dinosaur obsession - the shops are full of lovely dino things. Here's a few items I have my eye on (or own already!). How amazing is that dino holographic clutch?!

dinosaur wishlist blogger clutch necklace

Top row

Middle row

Bottom row

Here's hoping that the film isn't terrible...


  1. This film has got me beyond excited! I just can't wait! That dino clutch is far too cool, and I love the little make up bag too! x

  2. Ahhh I love dino print! that skirt is definitely my fave. So excited for the new film xx


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