Monday 31 March 2014

March instagram

Er, how is it almost April already? Here's what March looked like for me...

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
1. After a year or so of badger-stripe hair, I got a wee bit bored and decided to mix it up. It took me a while to work out that I really wanted to embrace my ginger locks, and make them even brighter.

2. So I got fox hair! And I love it! I've started going to Boosh, and I'd really recommend them if you are in Edinburgh & looking for a new place to cut your locks.

3. I'm obsessed with my windowsill garden, but it's doing so well! I bought myself a water spray as I was going a bit mad over-watering everything (just because I love it so!) and I've bought even more succulents since taking this photo. I do miss having a proper-sized garden, but this is proving to be surprisingly satisfying & fulfills my greenfingered needs!

4. I'm loving rainbow coloured nails at the moment (probably because I'm hugely indecisive about what nail polish to use!) so it was a fun day when I got to try out the new Urban Decay makeup palette, and realised I matched the set.

5. Weekends now seem to revolve mainly around food, which is perfectly alright by me. This was a particularly good brunch. Mmm, brunch.

6. Spring has sprung, and the weather remains as dreich as ever! It's a good thing Scotland is pretty enough to make up for all the rain...

7. An accidental lunchtime purchase, but it was only £4 and look at it! I'm not convinced I actually suit denim jackets, but this one has the most amazing knitted pattern lining, so I just couldn't say no. What do you wear a demin jacket with though? Just a dress?

8. Rileycat came to visit again (hooray!) and was just as fluffy and cute as ever. He's living with Craig but I'm his official holiday home/occasional catnapper, and now that he knows my flat, he settles in really quickly.

9. I'm still obsessed with the anatomical love hearts that were made for the Science Festival's press launch. We had a party for some Scottish bloggers recently, where we showed off the food, drink and fashion parts of the programme, sampled some sci fest beer, and posed with hearts.

10. It's basically always a good month if there's a party with a photobooth involved. Here's Joshua & I at a Google City Expert event in Camera Obscura... which was SO cool. I'm also particularly proud of teaching Joshi how to pose properly in a photobooth. You've got to have a theme!

11. These were the most beautiful macarons on sale in my local cafe. Expensive, given how easy they are to make, but super tasty and so very pretty.

12. Posin' again in Camera Obscura. So much fun!


  1. Really love the new hair! And the nails! And the jacket!

    (So basically just your life then..)

  2. Aw, it looks like such a good month - still loving those signs!

  3. Aaaa the google event looked like so much fun, so sad I was working. Still in love with those hearts! xx


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