Tuesday 7 January 2014

December instagram

This was the very best month. Here's what it looked like...

Instagram username: @eversojuliet

1. The Lion King has been on at the Edinburgh Playhouse for about a million weeks, so lion-loving Joshua & I went to see it. Thanks to Josh booking our tickets for the matinee and not the evening performance (tsk tsk) we actually got upgraded to totally ace seats that had birds flying over them at several points over the night! I really loved parts of it, but found other bits disappointing... I'm not sure if it's because I know the movie so well, any change seems a bit jarring? Regardless, I want to be a lion dancer!

2. I made bread (or at least assisted in making bread!) and was surprised by how easy it actually was - I've always been too scared to give it a go. This was dusted with salt and pumpkin seeds and was so very good.

3. As I was going to be away & miss my work's Christmas party (giving me a serious case of FOMO), I tried to make plans to organise some early Christmas fun, but then got a bit frazzled as life was so busy and I was running out of time. Step in wonderpal Sian, who organised Julietmas - gathering loads of pals, booking everything, and writing a panto-musical with another wonderpal, Eilidh, that everyone performed on the night (complete with props). It was the BEST best best.

4. I guess it's the rule to have super glittery nail polish in December? I've been rotating between a super sparkly gold Barry M polish, and an emerald green Models Own polish.

5. I thought I wasn't going to get a chance to see my best Steph before the end of the year (she works on movies, so her work schedule is crazy, and we live at opposite ends of the country!), but she travelled up just to spend an evening with me. Tis the season for wonderful friends, and feeling so happy you have such brilliant people in your life!

6. My face popped up in The List this month, in an article about alternative ways to bring in New Year. You can read my part here if you fancy!

7. This was my view from dinner in the Maldives - such a beautiful place to be. We weren't staying in a resort, instead we were on a very quiet (and fairly basic) island that had hardly any tourists, and only took 15 minutes to walk end to end. It was awesome.

8. When we checked in for our flight from the Maldives to Sri Lanka, there was a bit of fun chat with the airport staff about my hula hoop (which was strapped onto my backpack). Turns out, hula hoops are a bit of a lucky charm, as it got us upgraded to business class - the most amazing way to fly! If only I was a rich person, and could do that all the time...

9. This is where I spent my birthday - climbing Sigiriya Rock (that massive rock you can see in the background!) and lazing at a very lovely hotel, that we booked stupidly cheaply last minute. Future birthdays have quite a lot to live up to.

10. We stayed in really nice cabana in Arugambay for a few days over Christmas, and made friends with the nicest group of people. One morning a few of us all got up at 6am and went to meet the fishing boats come in on the beach, and bought these amazing fish for dinner! The massive one is a yellowfin tuna, and it is the nicest fish I have ever eaten!

11. Rae & I bought new headscarves, and were pretty pleased with ourselves. Turns out headscarves are excellent for when you are away and do not brush or dry your hair.

12. And when I was away I filmed a wee video blog, which gets pretty close to some massive elephants. I'll post that tomorrow - hope you enjoy!


  1. This looks fab, my Mum was away seeing the Lion King on Saturday at the Edinburgh playhouse with her work mates - so I'm rather jelous of you both! haha

    Also, lucky you getting upgraded to business class!


    1. I know! We didn't expect the upgrade at all, it was so much fun! x

  2. So jealous of your lovely holiday - and how lucky and odd about the hula hoop!


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