Friday 1 November 2013

October instagram

Hi November! I love this time of year - it's getting close to winter, and that means cosy winter coats, scarves & gloves. Aaaand I only have six weeks to wait until  fly off to Sri Lanka. So exciting!

October went by in a flash, and I think I embraced halloween more than a 27 year old really should. Still, I had fun!

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1. I've been trying to work through all the books I haven't yet read in my library, and am doing quite well! Each month I write book reviews of what I've been reading (they are scrappy and not well-written, but I do try!), so you can have a look if you are seeking a new read.

2. Beautiful cabbagey flowers! We've had to keep the house stocked up with fresh flowers as it's on sale, and so I've been working my way through all the types tesco have to offer.

3. Earlier this month I baked a really gory anatomical heart cake, which was SO much fun to do.

4. I've been neglecting painting a bit lately, so it was nice to get some time to pick it up again. Even if I'm knackered after a manic day, it's always worth making time to sit down and paint, it really relaxes me!

5. I'm trying to work on my layering and shadowing with watercolours, and hands are really interesting to paint.

6. The Pleasance Sessions were on this month, and were really brilliant! I went to see Jonnie Common, Miaoux Miaoux and Cairn String Quartet one night, and Three Blind Wolves on another, and it was all SO good. It's a bit strange going to a sit-down gig, but the atmosphere was brilliant, and the theatre looked beautiful.

7. More sketching... this time trying to do something completely different, and not like my usual style. I will draw every week, I will!

8. A couple of my friends held a villains-themed birthday party, which meant I had an actual, real-life excuse to get dressed up! I went as a green-eyed, snakey-haired Medusa, and my friend Muzz went as the terrifying girl from The Ring. It was ace!

9. These are probably my favourite shoes right now, they complete all of my sparkly, leopard print needs! I wore them to a black tie event, which I reckon they are actually totally inappropriate for, but I don't care. I love them so.

10. I was up in Aberdeen for the Arts and Business Awards with work, and we were commended (aka runner up) in both of the categories we were nominated for, which is ace!

11. The Science Festival also had a pop up "Little Workshop of Horrors" at Edinburgh Uni's big Halloween party, which was so much fun! We were demonstrating how to make scabs and blood clots, and all sorts of cool experiments. Science is fun guys!

12. AND I got to dress up like a zombie, so I was in my happy place. Hooray.


  1. Wow...Really amazing photos :) xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing, but I have to disagree. I do not think anyone can embrace Halloween too much, regardless of age! It happens to be my favorite holiday. I love your zombie makeup! Do you ever print your IG's? I use Snapstagram to print instagram pics because I do not want to give Walgreen's any more of my money.


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