Wednesday 27 November 2013

Happy thoughts

Hello! I've not really been paying much attention to my blog lately (sorry blog). I don't really have a reason for it either, other than utter laziness. I have been reading a lot, spending a lot of time hiding under a duvet (it's sooo cold), and playing a surprising amount of board games.

I have also been liking the following things...

1. I'm going on holiday in two weeks! 

Photo: Chris Sorensen
THIS IS SO EXCITING. After waiting what feels like an absolute age, my Sri Lanka trip is almost here and I just can't wait! We've planned out our (rough) route around the island and will get the chance to do a little bit of everything - including a visit to an elephant orphanage (amazing). 

The weather in Sri Lanka is about 25 degrees higher than that of Edinburgh, so it's going to be super weird going from duffel coats/scarves/hats/gloves/multiple layers of tights to shorts and t-shirts! I reckon I can handle it though.

2. Winter

Photo: Colin Bell Photography

As I'm going to be in tropical climes over Christmas & New Year, I am trying to pack as much WINTER FUN into my time left in town before I go.

On the cards are... a wander around Edinburgh's Christmas markets (plus a go on the Star Flyer - which looks terrifying, but brilliant), a super early fake Christmas dinner with my family, a trip to see the Lion King at the Playhouse (not really Christmassy to be fair, but I love musicals), ice-skating, a Christmas meal out with pals AND at least one occasion of wearing a Santa hat. Achievable.

3. The Edinburgh Experiment

Last week I went along to the Edinburgh Experiment - a night held at Summerhall for Edinburgh Google City Experts. The night was science-themed (my entire life is science-themed, these days) and had gramophone DJs, scientific cocktails, amazing experimental food by Jelly + Gin, and hands-on science demonstrated by my lovely pals from work.

Summerhall is such a brilliant venue - it used to be an old vet school, and it is just SO quirky and cool. This event was held in the Small Animal Hospital, a super atmospheric space which has rows of empty cages, old steel gurneys and cracked tiles. I wouldn't want to be in there alone at night, but it was a cool place to be, gin-in-hand!


  1. I'm so jealous of your Sri Lanka trip! You'll love it - it's a beautiful country. We got married there in 2007...haven't managed to get back there yet, but hopefully will do soon!

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  3. Have you been before?
    I would recommend not going into Pinnewela orphanage - it's quite distressing - instead walk down the little street opposite past lots of little shops, stalls & snakes in baskets(!) to a little restaurant where you can watch all the elephants coming for a wash in the river (the photo you posted)

  4. Just seen your original post (don't know how I missed it!) you're going to the Maldives too??!! That's my favourite place in the world - it's absolutely stunning! I'm extremely jealous now! Lol

    1. Hi - thanks for all your comments (and tips!). It's really exciting - feels like it's just dawned on me that I'm actually going away!


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