Monday 2 December 2013

November instagram

November was busy, busy, busy, but so much fun. Here's what it looked like...

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1. At the start of the month I went on a wee trip down to London for work and play. It's a weird thing to enjoy, but I really love the train down from Edinburgh - it's such a scenic route (loads of coastlines and rolling fields), and it's long enough that you can get lost in a book, but not SO long that you get bored. Beats the plane anyday!

2. I stayed at my friend's flat, and had the company of his very lovely (and extremely sooky) cat Meta, who followed me round purring & enjoyed sitting on all of my things.

3. One of my work meetings was with the very lovely Zoe, which meant I got the excuse to visit Google HQ! I sort-of forced her to take me on a tour of the office, which has the most incredible view over London. I'd quite like to move in.

4. When in London I went on a mission to find a nice, independent book shop & came across Slightly Foxed. I'll admit, I was won over by the name alone (I love foxes), and was so pleased to find that it was just as nice as it sounded - a wee treasure trove full of old and new books. They also gave me this lovely bag, which is amazing!

5. I feel like I've barely been in my house this month, but when I have been, I've tried to be a bit creative. I've been challenging myself to paint just using one colour (to force myself to stop being so reliant on heavy shadowing), and I'm really pleased with this guy.
6. I went for a wander around Stockbridge Market one Sunday morning, and very almost bought a squirrel pie... but couldn't quite commit. I miss seeing red squirrels about - the last time I spotted one was when I went camping in the summer, but I can't remember when I last saw one in Edinburgh!

7. Our winning streak is continuing at work, as we won the Creative Edinburgh Unite award - which was this super cool knuckleduster by Bonnie Bling. Go science!

8. It dawned on me that the day I become a "proper" adult will be the day I pick wine based on anything other than how pretty the label is. That day is not this day. This label was very pretty indeed.

9. I reckon one of the nicest things to do on a cold night is to sit in your favourite pub, with some of your very favourite people. My very, very favourite place in Edinburgh is Bo's (which is really called Blackfriars, but it'll always be Bo's to me!). It's such a lovely, cosy space and the food is amazing.
10. I went to a night about the science of time and music, which had a bit of a Doctor Who twist. I've never actually watched Doctor Who (apart from one episode written by Neil Gaiman), so was a bit weirded out when I was handed a plate of fishfingers and custard. Apparently that's a thing...?

11. Photobooth selfies at the Edinburgh Experiment. I love a photobooth!

12. I've got a huge stack of books awaiting me, which I'm really excited about - I cannot wait to be on a beach with nothing to do but read! This is next on my list, and it looks pretty intense...


  1. Mrs Frisby and the rats of Nihm is amazing! My primary school teacher read it to our class in P6 and I still remember how awesome it was! I must go and get it from the library to see if it is as good as my ten year old self remembers!

    1. Awww ace! I was given it by a friend who loved it when they were wee, so I'm excited to get started.


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