Tuesday 1 October 2013

September instagram

My plan for September was to chill out and do as little as possible. And, well, that didn't quite work out. Somehow I found myself out most days & nights.... and I'm a bit knackered now!

It was packed with pals, crafty projects, surprisingly sunny days, and loads of dining out. YUM. Here's what it looked like.

Instagram username: @eversojuliet

1. Earlier in the year I went to see the Surprise Movie at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which turned out to be About Time - the newest film by Love Actually & Notting Hill chap, Richard Curtis. I absolutely loved it, and not long after the film company got in touch to ask if they could use my quote on  some advertising material. I thought it might be used on web ads, or something wee, and then got a bit of a surprise when the tv advert popped up during X Factor & my tweet was on screen and MASSIVE. I realise this is a really lame thing to be excited about, but I thought it was cool!

2. French Connection held a party in stores across the UK to celebrate the end of London Fashion Week and mark the launch of their new collection, so I went along with some pals to run riot in store, and attempt to take part in styling challenges. I am rubbish at being stylish, but it was fun to play dress up!

3. I baked for the first time in aaaages, and made so-easy-you-can't-go-wrong cookies. 

4. Every year I like to write a series of halloween tutorials, which are really fun to put together, but it is quite odd to be making yourself all gory in September! This is a mug of super sticky fake blood (honey is perhaps not the best thing to be covering yourself with), which was used for...

5. ... this super scary zip face! If you missed yesterday's post, take a look here. It's a really horrifying look, and ain't that hard to put together. Perfect if you've got a party coming up (or want to terrorise people with minimal effort).

6. Here's a slightly less-scary DIY from this month... I made a hula hoop and I love it so!

7. I realised this month that I've basically ignored my kindle all year, and am pretty much only reading 'real' books these days.

8. Sci Fest were nominated for Best Large Festival at the Scottish Event Awards, and we WON! I reckon Amanda & I also won the photobooth... I really am quite obsessed with them.

9. My work pal Matt had a space-themed birthday party this month... and as it was being held outside I picked the warmest thing I owned (a big leopard coat) and tried to make it spacey! A space leopard is a real thing, right?

10. As part of house-selling fun, we've been living a ridiculously picture perfect life. There are always fresh flowers in the house, it's always spotless, and we now have a vegetable box that's always packed with the most amazing & colourful things we can find. This was one night's tea - so much bright goodness!

11. My pal Simon came over to Edinburgh on his round-the-world tour (he's been filming in London and is now off to perform in L.A. - the glamorous life of a science celebrity!), so I had an ace weekend of pal hangouts, touristy things, good food, wine, and an epic twelve hour mission to create a pizza. Joshua, Simon & I went to Edinburgh Castle for some wholesome fun, and this is us... pretending to be a lion. I think (I'm not quite sure why else we'd be pulling these expressions).

12. And to round off the month, I finally snoozed  for hours in the sunshine with this lovely chap. Phew!


  1. Those cookies look so so yummy! Sounds like you've had a lovely if not jam packed September! x



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