Wednesday 20 March 2013

The Marshmallow Lady

Have you heard of the Marshmallow Lady yet? If you  haven't - get yourself ready to drool & look at these!

The Marshmallow Lady makes gourmet marshmallow that are a million miles away from the pink & white ones you can buy in supermarkets. They are super fluffy and come in an amazing range of flavours - from classic vanilla bean, to key lime pie, millionaire shortbread and Innis & Gunn beer mallows!

I bought a mix & match pack of vanilla bean. caramel & millionaire's shortbread, and devoured half the pack before thinking it might be a good idea to stop and take a photo of them! Not only are they super tasty, but the majority of her marshmallows are gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-fat (making them a pretty guilt-free treat!).

You can buy marshmallows online or, if you're in Edinburgh, visit her shop at 14 Rodney Street, EH7 4EA (at the very bottom of Broughton St/Canonmills).


  1. OMG!! These look amaze!! Definitely taking a wee trip next time I'm through :)

  2. Wow! These sound and look incredible, might have to go and have a peek online! xxx

  3. mmm those look amazing I'm not a huge marshmallow fan but I'd def give them a go x

  4. That marshmallow lady, she knows what she's doing! I tried them a few months ago and they were so delicious and soft.

  5. Omg this is round the corner from where I work! I remember trying to go in once for lunch but it was closed and brushed it off as just one of those greasy spoon type places with dodgy opening hours, will definately try again! x

  6. These look amazing, I need to go there now! xo


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