Wednesday 6 March 2013

Happy thoughts

 I think I'm going to try & write more happy thoughts posts this year - I try to keep most of my blog posts quite focused on whatever I'm chatting about, so it's nice to have a break and just ramble every now and again!

I'm now almost three weeks into my new job & it's going very well so far (hooray!). The people are lovely, it's an amazing charity & I am excited for the festival  to start (which is only two weeks away - I will blog about this properly soon!). However, I'm still in the taking-in-new-information-best-behaviour-all-the-time stage, and it's knackering!

As I'm spending most nights flopped on the sofa, being massively unproductive, I thought I'd chat about my current favourite tv shows...

1. Game of Thrones

CLEARLY not a scene from the show, but in fact the most amazing decapitated Ned Stark cake pops you will ever see.
I love Game of Thrones! I'm a massive fantasy fan, but didn't actually read any of the books before the TV show started (I was more of a Lord of the Rings / Wheel of Time girl). Since being hooked from the first episode, I have powered through the books & am tempted to re-read them this year (if I can handle the emotional journey, sob!).

A couple of weeks ago I went to a special screening event at the Glasgow Film Festival which was brilliant! Rory McCann (who plays the Hound) was there & was hilarious.. and also managed to dodge some massively weird fan questions with very good humour!

The new series starts in the UK on April 1st... it's going to be ace!

2. The Vampire Diaries

There's a love triangle - can you tell?

I LOVE THIS SHOW. Mainly because it is aimed at teenagers and I am really still a teenager at heart. I first started watching it because it has Boone from Lost in it (Lost, I miss you! Come back!), but I am now well and truly hooked. It really is the most ridiculous thing on tv though. Possibly even more so than True Blood.

My pal's friend was one of the vampires on the show, and I did my best to try and get him to bring me back something (anything!) from the set... sadly an unsuccessful mission. He did send in a special message for my List leaving card though - & I think he thinks I'm an absolute nutter (oh well!).

3. 30 Rock

I am such a latecomer to 30 Rock - only started watching it last year, but was instantly hooked & have powered through episodes. I think I'm still a season or so behind, and am tempted to buy the box set and have a massive marathon viewing one weekend.

Before I started watching it I was once told that I was "very Liz Lemon" - which confused me then, but makes me happy now. I love her!

& they are my favourites! I'm also massively hooked on anything with singing, teenage drama, or something spooky. I keep trying to convince myself that because I don't watch soaps I have quite a refined taste in tv (ha ha), but I think that argument is well & truly shot now...


  1. I love those cake pops! I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones and have just started watching Vampire Diaries but I know I will love it because tacky teenage dramas are the best. I don't watch soaps either I definitely think American trash is much more entertaining :)

    1. I am pretty jealous that you have so much TVD to catch up on, you'll love it! x

  2. Gahhh, I'm properly counting down the days til Game of Thrones comes back! Need my Robb/ Jon/ Theon fill. Is it weird I have a soft spot for Theon? And a wee smidge of Jamie. Siiiiigh...

    1. You gross me out with Jamie.. shush.

    2. Hahaha. I'm more horrified by Theon!

  3. I have only JUST started watching Game of Thrones as my mum wanted to re-watch both seasons before the third one starts.. I felt a bit uncomfortable watching it with my mum but we usually have some wine and giggle so it's not as awkward when people get it on lolz! It's basically beheading and banging.. nice concept for a show.. not putting me off though and I'm starting to really get into it!

    Haven't seen either of the other shows (I rarely watch tv tbh) But I've always been interested in 30 Rock.. I might have to give it a go!

    Amy x

    1. Hahaha - glad it's not weird! You should read the books if you haven't already, there's so much more to them & it's an amazing world to get lost in!

      Also, definitely recommend 30 rock - it's brilliant! x

  4. Oh my goodness, I love Game of Thrones. Like you I read straight through them after seeing the first series. Now I'm left waiting for the next book to be released and don't know what to do with myself. Such a rollercoaster, I might have to reread them to whilst I wait but I don't know if I can handle it!

    1. Such trauma... I had to stop reading for a while after you-know-what. Not sure if I can put myself through that again!

  5. Oh Vampire Diaries I also love! I've just watched all of them in a matter of days & now I'm lost as I don't get any eye candy!

  6. I am a complete Vampire Diaries fan-girl but I agree it is so ridiculous! I was trying to explain to my flatmate what happened in the last episode and I realised how stupid it sounded "They killed one of the original vampires so that this vampire hunter could grow this invisible tattoo which grows every time he kills a vampire but because when an original vampire dies all the vampires they've ever turned die with them the tattoo grew to complete the map which leads to a cure for vampirism so everyone an be human again". Oh well...


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