Monday 23 April 2012


Hi! I've been a little bit out of action over the last week or so because I am now living in my new house in the country (yay)! This unfortunately means that I am also spending most of my waking minutes in Ikea or Homebase (er, yay?). It turns out that lampshade shopping is actually really fun and exciting for the first lamp or two... but a whole house? Followed by roller blind shopping? Then picking a fence? MAKE IT STOP.

So! As a wee break I have put together a wishlist of shoes that I want for summer. I know that it is definitely not summer yet, but a girl can hope! It's almost May! That means breezy barbecue weather, yeah?

All shoes from Spartoo

1. Moony Mood brogues - I have a mild fear about brogues, as I don't want to look like a ridiculous clompy-footed geography teacher, but I think these have just the right amount of girlishness to them. They look good for picnicking. £18ish

2. Anchor ballet shoes- definitely not good for picnicking, but cute! White shoes are quite daunting, but I couldn't resist the anchor because I would like to be a sailor. £47

3. Rocket Dog ballerina flats - so spring-like! I'd like to say I'd wear these to garden parties with a floral dress (with cupcakes and macaroons, yah?), but I don't think those picture-perfect things happen in real life. So I'd be more likely to wear them with rolled up jeans to work on a summery day. £31

4. Converse all stars - wear these any time, any where. There's a reason that EVERYONE ones a pair of Chucks (it's cause they are super comfy). £53

Shoes, be mine!


  1. I LOVE the brogues! Cant believe they are only £18!! Bargain!

  2. Based on my own opinion, I think that everyone loves having some new shoes. I think that those shoes are really lovely and classy. I really like its design and decorations.

  3. Wow all the shoes are perfectly fantastic and they really fulfills the style aspects of summer...I just love the colours so much they are really very attractive..!!


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