Monday 2 April 2012

March instagram

This is a couple of days late, but March was SO busy (hence the bigger than usual instagram post!). Here's what I've been up to.

1. I was down in London for work at the start of the month, and luckily was able to extend my trip and spend the weekend with my lovely, lovely friend Steph. I miss her LOADS so it was just brilliant getting some quality time to spend together - normally our visits are short and sweet!

2. Steph's a make up artist, which meant I was sharing my bedroom with some interesting things! A disembodied arm was an odd thing to see first thing in the morning.

3. I'm trying to get back in the habit of eating breakfast (I hate cereal, hate it!) so have been having quite tasty things. This was banana and peanut butter on toast - so good!

4. New shoes! I love them, and I want to wear them every single day. Sadly leopard print grandad shoes don't go with everything (who'd have thought, right?).

5. Beautiful flowers from the new florist that has opened up on our street. I love the shape of these flowers!

6.  Like the whole world, I have become a bit addicted to Draw Something. This is something Craig drew for me... can you guess who it's meant to be? My username is (surprise surprise) eversojuliet if you'd like to play me.

7. I've been on a hunt for the PERFECT beat up leather armchairs for my future library for AGES, but couldn't afford the ones I'd seen so far. A friend recommended that I take a trip to Foursquare in Edinburgh - a big charity warehouse. It is AMAZING - I'd highly, highly recommend a look if you live here! We snapped up two armchairs for £45 each (!!!!). So happy.

8. Edinburgh had a mini-heat wave last week and it was so gorgeous! It is a rare site to see 19 degrees in Scotland in March, and there was no rain for days! A wee spring-time miracle.

9. Both Steph and twitter recommended the Remington Pearl curling wand, so I bought it with some leftover Christmas vouchers and I love it! The day it arrived at work I couldn't resist giving it a go - so this photo is taken after I curled my hair at my desk with no mirror (which also explains the dead-behind-the-eyes expresssion - busy day!). I'll probably do a proper post about this soon, I'm so pleased with it.

10. Hanging out in the sunshine at lunchtime with my pal Muzz. We've found a wee grassy spot that's only a couple of minutes from work, so have made the most of the sunshine by having picnics everyday!

11. Portobello beach in the sunshine! I could get used to this. Sadly the good weather seems to have ended yesterday - it's raining heavily now and is due to snow tomorrow!

12. ... and the main reason life has got a little bit busy - we got the keys to our house! Look! It's a real house! We're so so so happy with it. We've started to move furniture in, but won't be living there properly until I've finished the big project I'm doing at work. It can't come soon enough though, I cannot wait to live there.

My instagram name is eversojuliet if you'd like to add me!


  1. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great March! I love your hair and your shoes are gorgeous! Such beautiful flowers and I'd love to curl up in those chairs and read a book! Have a lovely April! XxxX

  2. Imma add you on drawsomething! I'm so bad at it haha. Such a bad artist. You have the best and prettiest hair!

  3. i was in edinburgh at the weekend and had such a lovely time in the city and it was so lovely and sunny!! love these little instagrams! :) x


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