Saturday 21 May 2011

How to: heidi braids

It's a windy, grey morning and I'm all alone in the flat with the cat. I secretly love mornings like this - don't tell anyone - I feel more like drawing or writing or trying to be creative when I'm alone (as I get far too self-conscious if someone else is around, even my beloved). So I have been listening to self-indulgent folky music (currently swinging between this & Americana as music of choice... I've changed), and playing with my hair.

My hair is mental - it's really thick and uncooperative and doesn't really sit nice and straight (despite all best intentions), nor does it curl nicely* (instead it seems to be going for a lion mane/banshee esque appearance). If I have time I straighten the hell out of it (and get shouted at my by hairdresser), or I either put it in a messy bun or messy plait. Messy is the key word. 

Anyway, this morning I thought I'd stop being lazy and work out how to do something nice, but different with it. My first attempt was using my straighteners to curl it on purpose. It was painful. SO BAD. I actually made things worse? & weirdly, am now regretting not taking a photo. Moving on.

I then (somehow) came across this lovely tutorial on Orchid Grey. I didn't think I'd have much hope - I mean, look at her "unwashed" hair. Jesus Christ. There's no justice. But I gave it a go (a rousing folk song was kicking in at this point, I was feeling cheered) and mild, stabbing-myself-with-kirby pain aside, it worked! 


I realise that this is probably the easiest thing in the world, but I don't care. One man's molehill is another man's mountain, yeah? 

* actually on reflection - there is ONE time in my ENTIRE life that it curled naturally and gave the impression that is was nicely styled on purpose (photo here). Perhaps I'll have to move to NZ for the perfect hair-curling weather?


  1. your hair looks lovely. Ive attempted this before but no luck :( great blog keep it up :)
    check mine out as well :)

  2. Thanks very much. I liked that hairdo, it felt a bit like wearing a crown! xx


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