Tuesday 17 May 2011

The final frontier

Isn't space AMAZING? NASA launched the space shuttle Endeavour yesterday (off on its last mission), and I watched it live at lunchtime - just incredible. The video above is probably my favourite space video (we all have one, right?), and brilliantly it wasn't made by NASA themselves, but by a fan who was frustrated in how they've failed to market themselves properly to the social media crowd.

I don't necessarily agree, I love how they have astronauts who tweet from space (I still find this mental) like Astro Jeff & Astro Soichi, but it is massively sad that the space shuttle programme is ending this summer and no one seems to care? & there is SO MUCH going on right now (have a look at the missions list), including spacecraft which have been in space for thirty years, are on the edge of the solar system & are still reporting back (Voyager). It's amazing.

I wish I was an astronaut.

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