Monday 4 December 2017


I've been using the same beat-up sellotaped headphones for years (because I am a scruff), so it was a total treat when super-cool Swedish tech designers, Sudio got in touch and gave me the chance to try out anything from their range (yes, yes please).

I'm a fan of over the ear headphones, so my eye was immediately drawn to their Sudio Regent wireless headphones - which boast cutting-edge Bluetooth tech, 24 hours of battery life, mega sound, and an ultra modern appearance.

Sudio Regent wireless headphones review discount

Let me tell you now - I never knew how much my life needed wireless headphones until I got these ABSOLUTE JOYS. I use headphones almost every day - I commute to and from work, and occasionally need them in the office (when I definitely have to concentrate, or I can't handle my work pals playing another 80s playlist). And for years, without really thinking about an alternative, I've been faffing around with wires, getting annoyed when my headphone cord gets caught in my jacket, or scarf, or gets twisted around my bag strap, or caught up in my keys in my pocket. Wireless headphones change everything! It's honestly been a bit of a revelation.

I'm also seriously impressed with the sound (I guess that's the important part). I can't tell you the positives in any technical terms, but it sounds really clear and crisp, and you can turn the volume up waaaaay louder than you could with my old headphones. The headphones are also surprisingly great at noise cancellation - it's taken me a few days to get used to how weird buses are when you can't hear your fellow passengers!

The (synthetic) leather is super soft, they are light and comfy to wear, and fold pretty little so they aren't too bulky in your bag. As you'd guess from a Scandi designer, they are simple and stylish - the headphones come in black or white, and also have interchangeable headphone caps if you want to mix it up (including very on-blogger-brand black and white marble).

Sudio Regent wireless headphones review discount

The Sudio Regents retail at £79, which seems very much on the reasonable end of wireless/noise-cancelling headphones. They also come in a very nice box! (Help me, I'm such a sucker for nicely wrapped presents, I'm an old lady now).

I can't tell you how much wireless headphones are BLOWING MY MIND - has everyone known that they are a cool thing for ages, and I somehow missed it? Either way, I'm glad I've finally found out.

If you're at all tempted by these, or anything else in the Sudio range, you can actually get 15% off using the code eversojuliet. So they're only £67... kinda a bargain? Treat yo' self!

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