Sunday 27 March 2016


Happy Easter everyone! I'm super excited for Easter this year, as I haven't had any chocolate since February (aaah!), and I am so ready for my easter eggs! It's a super busy weekend for me as the Edinburgh International Science Festival has now started (hooray!), so the last few days have been spent running around getting everything ready, and lots and lots of science, dinosaurs, tiny homes, and lego. It's not a bad way to spend your weekend!

Even though work is super busy, I've been determined to get back into the blogging rhythm, so I've got a few posts up this week (life update, cactus wishlist, a trip to Valldemossa) for you to catch up on if you'd like, and here's my weekly round-up of interesting things I've found online. Have a nice Sunday!

Fancy some easter baking? How amazing do these creme egg brownies look? Yum!

I really connected with this: sometimes #girlsquads make me feel like shit.  'Telling yourself that there’s room for all women to succeed is hard, because the evidence of history isn’t there — we have always had to fight for token spots and quotas, setting ourselves apart from ‘other girls’ by being unapologetically confident and tough. And though things are changing gradually, it’s not so easy to forget.' 

This is fascinating - a look at the stand-up comedians who run big brand social media.

I am currently quite  obsessed with enamel pin badges (I can't resist an instagram trend). Finest Imaginary has just brought some new ones out and they are adorable (that bear!). 

Now the weather is getting better, I really have no excuse to not start running again, but I'm finding it really difficult to get motivated! I need something like the Hogwarts Running Club - it looks amazing!

Remember that cringey Financial Times article that scoffed because millennials weren't willing to pay £800 per month into their pension? Here's a lovely comeback from a CBA millennial: 'If only someone had suggested to me that saving up for old age was wise then I wouldn’t have bothered building that scale model of the Taj Mahal out of £50 notes in my living room'.

Aaand here's a really interesting look at the changing world of pop (and why we are now all Beliebers).

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