Wednesday 23 March 2016


I have always been a sucker for cacti. They're one of my favourite plants (so cute! so easy to keep alive!), they're surprisingly tasty (prickly pear margaritas are ah-mazing), and thanks to being the hipster's current plant of choice, there are now loads of ways to show your love for all things small and spiky.

As with all my wishlist posts, this comes at a time when I'm a bit skint, should be saving, but instead I'm daydreaming about what wonderful things there are in the world to buy. My very, very favourite cactus item is the adorable cactus garden chair from Oliver Bonas. I don't have a garden, nor do I need another chair, but look at it! SURELY I deserve that in my life, right? They are due to be released this month, so I'm keeping my eyes on their website and counting down to payday...

Top row

Middle row
Bottom row


  1. EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE. I need that chair!!
    Also, congrats on the new job! I went to the Belmont Cinema last week for the first time and I'm desperate to go back now. x

  2. I grew up having to watch out for cacti when I was playing outside, so I don't quite get the charm, but I must admit prickly pear is pretty great. The color is so intense. The syrup is amazing over ice cream. Hmm. I guess I kind of miss cactus after all.


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