Monday 11 May 2015


I'm a bit behind the times with this, I know, I know. Without really meaning to, I gave myself a bit of a break from blogging as I got used to life post science festival (aka got over post-festival lurgy, and had loads of lie ins!).

So here's a belated look at what April was like for me. (Shhh, let's not focus on the fact we're already a third of the way into May...).

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1. Did I tell you that I got a hedgehog? I got a hedgehog! Meet Soba, he's an African Pygmy hedgehog, and he's teeny tiny and sleeps a lot. Hedgehogs are quite shy pets, so he can be a bit huffy around me, but is turning into the perfect flat pet. I'll write a proper post on him soon!

2. Working at a Science Festival means you often have a lot of weird and wonderful conversations. The week before we launched, I had a frantic couple of days trying to track down a twelve foot caterpillar, which had been delivered to the wrong place, and was the cause of many hilarious conversations (because really, how do you lose a TWELVE FOOT caterpillar?!). Don't worry reader, we were reunited in the end.

3. As part of the Science Festival we curated a beautiful exhibition exploring light in all of its forms. How the Light Gets In is running in Summerhall until May 22nd, and it's free! If you're in Edinburgh, it's absolutely worth a visit.

4. Festival time is one of working hard and playing hard too. I'm lucky to have such a fun gang of science pals... makes the long, long days definitely worth it.

5. Although I was glad of a morning off! Now the days are longer my flat is full of light - in the morning, my favourite spot to sit is in my window seat, and in the evenings my bedroom is bright and lovely.

6. My pal Simon came over to perform at the festival, and did a seriously intense (but very entertaining!) maths talk that completely went over my head. If anyone's looking to programme a stand-up mathematician at their event, get Simon, just so I can hang out with him again.

7. I also managed to sneak out of festival duties to see my pal Kirstin launch her new book, Fishnet. I had high hopes that it would be good (I worked with Kirstin when I was at The List, so I knew she was an ace writer), and I loved it - could not put it down at all. It's an angry, funny, unapologetic look at the sex industry, and is well well well worth a read.

8. Extra benefits of having a pet hedgehog? They are seriously photogenic animals, which means you can't resist setting up super cute photos. Look at his tiny paws!

9. It was my friend Murray's birthday (happy birthday Muzzy!), so to celebrate, Joshua helped me make this AMAZING Fast & the Furious card. Muzz and I have a guilty soft spot for F&F, so it was the obvious choice in ridiculous themed cards... but who knew I so suited Vin Diesel's arms?!

10. You can't really ever trust the weather in Scotland, but summer definitely seems to be on its way. Blue skies and beautiful blossom make life so much nicer. I've already had two bbq's this year too, but have already been absolutely drenched within the last week.

11. Warmer days also brings impromptu trips to pubs by the seaside! I love living in Leith, views like this are only ten minutes away by bicycle.

12. Aaaaand one of my favourite things - my local, sometimes-open sometimes-mysteriously-closed, flower shop was open, and had these beautiful blooms for only a couple of pounds. Buy yourself flowers!


  1. Oh my goushhh, Soba is literally the cutest little guy! And your giant caterpillar is actually just the coolest thing! x

  2. Soba is just beautiful <3

    Morag x


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