Thursday 3 July 2014

June instagram

Summer seems to be here, hooray! Here's what I got up to in a (surprisingly) sunny June.

Instagram username: eversojuliet
1. I only started eating fish last year (because I was a massive wimp before), so it's really exciting getting to try out new things. Sushi is my new favourite thing - food that looks pretty and tastes amazing is the very best thing.

2. We moved into our new work offices, which means we've started pulling out all the fun things that the Science Festival has in storage, to decorate our space. This is an anatomical heart map of Edinburgh that Joshua designed (ain't he clever).

3. I met up with my lovely pal Muzzy, for a night of sunshiney pints. Muzz had just discovered snapchat... which meant we sent the most ridiculous photos all night. Sorry pals!

4. After years of owning a bike and not really using it, I have totally embraced cycling and I am loving sunny bike rides (I've changed). It means I'm getting to see new parts of Edinburgh too, like this lovely spot.

5. I was invited to Ishi to try out some festival hairstyles, and it was a total treat to sit and get my hair played with for an afternoon. This was one of my favourite styles - my hair is braided really tightly at the back. I will post proper photos from that day very soon!

6. The ever-brilliant Edinburgh International Book Festival launched their programme, and it looks like a pretty good year! I am the luckiest of pups and managed to get George R.R. Martin tickets (!) as well as tickets to Patrick Ness & Charlie Adlard.

7. One of my favourite parties in the summer is The List's Midsummer Party (aka the pig party!). It's all about eating roast pork, drinking gin, and standing in a beautiful sunshiney courtyard. Lovely, lovely stuff.

8. I took a couple of days off this month for a bit of at-home adventuring, and was so lucky to get totally glorious weather! We went on a trip to the beach for a bit of cycling (told you, I love my bike), tree climbing, paddling, picnicing, and lazy sunshine book reading. SO GOOD.

9. Then the next day was long, lazy breakfasts, followed by Botanical Garden exploring, and barbecues. Summer is off to an excellent start.

10. This is my adventure partner-in-crime. I have recently discovered that he is one of four people in the world who actually like Aperol Spritz, but other than that, he's all sorts of good.

11. I'm still obsessed with plants (it will never end) and have recently branched out into carnivorous ones. Turns out, it is WEIRDLY TERRIFYING to repot a venus fly trap. They move! They try to bite you! Ahhhhh.

12. I've also remembered that painting is fun. Pretty pleased with my cat, not so much with my hand. Still, practice makes perfect!

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