Monday 7 July 2014

Fruity wishlist

My work recently moved offices, placing me about five minutes away from a big shopping centre - super handy if I need to grab something from the shops quickly, but not so good if I'm trying to save money!

Anyway, I was walking past New Look, trying to avoid actually going in, when I saw the cutest watermelon clutch bag in the window. They didn't have it in stock, so I tracked it down online, realised it had been out for AGES (I am so late to the party), and discovered that there was a whole world of fruity goodness out there.

So, this is an excuse to gather up all of the super-cute, probably-shouldn't-be-worn-at-the-same-time, fruity things that you can buy right now. I want them all!

Top row

Middle row

Bottom row


  1. I just adore that kiwi shirt, it's gorgeous x

  2. That's a literal kiwi shirt! Love it!... I'm in love with this wishlist! I'm into pineapple print big time, but I'm loving all the different fruit prints a bit more now!

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  3. Love the pineapple dress! Xx

  4. This wishlist looks good enough to eat! I've been trying to decide which of those New Look clutches to buy for so long. Maybe I should just get all three! Hx

  5. aghhhhhh SO many good things- Hello kiwi shirt and strawberry socks!


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