Sunday 16 February 2014

Ikea BRÅKIG collection

Aw, I almost feel embarrassed by how much I love this. Ikea (they of identik furnishings across the land) have collaborated with ArtRebels (a Scandinavian community for handpicked artists and visual designers from around the world) to make BRÅKIG - a beautiful, colourful, geometricy limited edition collection.

I want it, I do!

They've got a whole bunch of stuff - from geometric cushions (I have some of those!) to the cutest pastel furniture. It's lovely. I want it. Did I mention I wanted it?

If you want it too, then you'll need to be brave and venture into Ikea, as this is a shop-only, limited offer kind of deal. Prices start at £5 for a cushion cover, to £300ish if you want a daybed.

AND if you are into the ArtRebels influence, you can look at millions of beautiful prints on their website (they've even picked out a range of prints that compliment their ikea pieces). Support independent artists, buy affordable furniture. Hooray.

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