Monday 23 July 2012

Silhouette 'Hold the Look' competition

I really love trying out new hair do's, so I was quite excited to be picked as an entrant in Immediate PR's Silhouette competition. The challenge was to re-create a celebrity silhouette using the new Silhouette Color Brilliance collection. Each entrant was sent out a Mousse, Hairspray and Extreme Gloss Spray.

It didn't take long for me to pick Emma Stone as my celebrity to copy. I absolutely LOVE her, she's so funny and likeable and sweet! She also has amazing hair and I am massively jealous of how well she pulls off different colours of hair - would you have guessed she's not a natural redhead?

Looking through photos of her red carpet do's, I noticed that she quite often wears a loose curly chignon. It's a really pretty style - there's lots of movement which keeps it fun and fresh, but it's smart enough to wear to all those swanky premieres that she goes to. 

I started off by using the Mousse after I'd towel-dried my hair to give it a bit of (controlled!) volume and movement. After drying my hair I then sprayed it with the Extreme Gloss Spray for movie star shininess. I've been using these products for a couple of days to get a feel for them before tackling this challenge and I am SO impressed with the gloss spray - it makes my hair feel like I've just been at the hairdressers. Wonderful.

I brushed my hair to the side and twisted it into a simple chignon. Emma wears hers quite curly and messy (which is right up my street), but I tried to be a little more neat than I normally would be!

I then used my curling wand to add a wee bit more definition to the bits of hair I had pulled down at the front, and sprayed with the Hairspray to keep it all neat and in place.

I'm pretty pleased with it!


  1. Very pretty. Emma Stone's ace, I think I love her:) x

  2. Love this! I am also a fan of Emma Stone, she's so gorgeous! I think you've pulled the hair of perfectly =)

  3. Very pretty! :) I love how your hair has that blonde swoop! :D


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