Monday 15 January 2018


Let's get organised! As with most lifestyle bloggers, I am a sucker for beautiful stationery, and I definitely feel ten times more motivated if I have beautiful things to write in. I'm trying to not spend much money in January (because it's January, and I spent it all in December), but come payday, I am treating myself!

Here's a look at some of my favourite stationery and desk accessories out there... all super cute, and guaranteed to help you get your life in order!

Stationery wishlist

1. I'm a big fan of in general (everything they do is so cute and sassy), but I seriously love this colour block notebook. It's filled with graph paper, making it a pretty perfect bullet journal, or good for people like me who hate large lined notebooks with a burning fury.

2. Colour coding just makes life easier, so I would quite like all of MUJI's highlighters please (I'd also like this gel ink set if anyone's buying. No?).

3. Tidy up your desk by putting your pens in this super cute pencil shaving desk tidy.

4. Make adulting that little bit easier by storing important/boring life stuff in lovely file folders!

5. I know I'm kind of veering into desk accessories here, but you need to make space so you can display all of your beautiful books! This neon letter holder is great, and will help sort your life out.

6. Who knew you needed a desk doughnut? Organise your pins in the sweetest way.

7. So it's not the cutest paper planner out there, but this paper mousepad has honestly changed my working life! I am so much more productive using it, and it has brought sanity to my worklife, helped me handle clashing deadlines and pre-festival panic, and is also mega cheap.

8. I've talked before how much I love personalised things, so hold me back from buying one of everything in Papier's stationery range. I want a notebook for work, and a notebook for blogging, and a sketch book, and aargh it's all really lovely and surprisingly cheap!

9. If you've not got yourself a planner yet, you're in luck as they are all on sale! This A6 planner is undated, meaning you can dip into it at any time of year.

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