Thursday 2 July 2015


It's been such a fun month! Here's what June looked liked for me...

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1. I went along to Edinburgh Zoo Nights on a beautiful sunny evening. It's a lot like most lates events, with the chance to explore with no kids around, beer in hand, but with lots of super cute animals! I've not been to the zoo for years, so it was ace to see their new dinosaur exhibit, and see the animals when they were a bit more active in the early evening.

2. My pal Sian and I went along to the Grey Goose Boulangerie Francois pop-up martini bar on Harvey Nichol's very beautiful rooftop terrace. Despite being the world's most difficult pop-up name to hashtag on instagram, the drinks were amazing and the weather was glorious. If all blogger events could be like this, I'd be a very happy girl!

3. My much-missed Riley cat came to stay with me for a few days. After my break up, Riley went to live with my ex's parents (rather than be shut up in my tiny flat), so it was really nice to have my purring pal for a visit! He's coming back for a longer cat holiday in September, and I am excited!

4. I've been a sucker for Jurassic Park/World this month because I am a MASSIVE CHILD (did you see my dinosaur wishlist?). I couldn't resist snapping this sign, seen outside of Artisan Roast, one of Edinburgh's best coffee shops.

5. After months of pretending it wasn't really happening, I actually ran my 10k Race for Life! I was so nervous beforehand, hated it for the first five minutes, then started to enjoy it (who would have guessed?!) and was delighted to see my parents and Joshua at the finish line. I think I might have caught the running bug!

6. I've definitely caught the doughnut bug. Immediately after finishing my race I went for a victory pint with my loved ones, then went home for a seriously lazy day on the sofa with my book and a lot of sugar. I'm really enjoying this book - it's an old sci fi by CS Lewis (he of Narnia fame), and it's so nicely written.

7. I told you I was a dinosaur loser, luckily my boyfriend is too! Dating a graphic designer has a few benefits, and custom-made Jurassic Park passes is one...

8. ...which we paired with Jurassic Park themed outfits to go and see Jurassic World. I know the film's had a bit of stick, but it was such an excellent nostalgia-fest for me, I think I would have loved it regardless of what actually happened.

9. I took a few photos of Soba for a pet photography blog post and had to keep a very watchful eye on Riley, who was FASCINATED by Soba. This is as close as they got (and Soba had zero interest in Riley), but I reckon if they had met properly, Riley would quickly realise that hedgehogs aren't to be messed with!

10. Since I was in Portugal last year I've developed a fondness for pasteis de nata - little custard tarts that you eat for breakfast (yum!). There's a new cafe in Stockbridge that has just started serving them, and they are so good!

11. The most exciting part of my month was that I went on holiday to Croatia and it was brilliant! I'll blog more about our trip in detail soon, but it had all you'd hope for on a holiday - beautiful sunshine, amazing architecture, secret beaches, good food, and loads and loads of time to read books under the sun.

12. I'm also chuffed that I didn't get any sunburn, just increased my freckles, but I did get bitten by a spider (and have to go to the doctor with a swollen arm, aaargh) and had a fairly traumatic incident with a sea urchin. I survived though!

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