Wednesday 15 April 2015


I've been posting more outfit posts lately, and whilst my awkward self-posing is a million times better than how it used to be, I don't think I'll ever nail the cool, slouchy scowl face of bloggers that actually do this well.

Anyway, here's some smiley school-photo-esque poses, of my very favourite dress.

Pinafore - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Shoes - ASOS
I bought this pinafore in H&M at the end of last summer, and it's been such a brilliant staple in my wardrobe. I'm quite lucky because I work in a very creative place, which means my work wardrobe is super flexible - almost anything goes, as long as I know when to look a little more presentable (like when I'm meeting clients).

I usually wear this pinafore with t-shirts under it for a casual cute look, but I recently discovered that it goes SO nicely with this sheer shirt, and helps the whole outfit become that little bit smarter.

I absolutely adore these mary jane shoes from ASOS, which were a total bargain at £25 (and at the time I'm writing this, these exact shoes are in the ASOS sale for £8!). I do worry I dress a little bit like a schoolchild (especially when paired with my red duffel or yellow raincoat), but I think I pull it off? I hope so, anyway!


  1. cute dress :)

  2. Mega cute! I've been wearing more pinafore style dresses - it's a good way to procrastinate on packing sleeveless dresses away for the winter, I mean stretching my wardrobe and making it more versatile ;)

  3. Lovely outfit ! I love polka ;) !


  4. Love this outfit. Classy and cute!

  5. Love this outfit. Classy and cute!


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