Thursday 28 April 2011

Mark reads...

I really love books. I have such a mixed taste these days, & I ain't ashamed of it. My current favourites are hist-mysts (historical mysteries.. like so), but I will go for anything I can get my hands on. I used to be far more particular, mainly when I had first started uni and decided that as a first year english literature student I probably knew more about books (good books, in particular) than ANYONE else (ugh, such shame. Sorry world). I abhorred chick lit (er, still do) and thought Harry Potter was awful & entirely plagiarised (although am now convinced it's a take on greek tragedy).

Anyway. Everyone is an idiot when they are a teenager, so I eventually grew up a bit, stopped being such a book brat and realised that people are allowed to like different things. It's even okay to like things that are clearly a bit crap. It's all good. Phew! Anyway, this all exists purely to say the following:
  • I like books.
  • I've read loads of them.
  • This means I have read the Twilight series and enjoyed it.
  • I don't really think much about it, life goes on, and so on.
BUT THEN. I find this! It's an amazing review of every Twilight book.  It's just so good! He's so right! It's really funny! (exclamation marks). I don't know if I will ever sum up anything so well. Well done, stranger on the internet. It fills me with a bit of shame for enjoying it so much when EVERYTHING HE SAYS ABOUT IT IS TRUE, but ahh, awful-book loving happens, I guess.

There is no point in this entry. Other than pointing at this link again -> hello.

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